25 April 2020

Russian Convention Bureau Presents New Event Passports of Regions

The Russian Convention Bureau has developed and presented new Event Passports of the regions - the Sverdlovsk Region and the Krasnodar Region.

The task of passports is to acquaint potential organizers and participants of events with the region, to present all the resources that it gives for the implementation of projects.

As a rule, a passport consists of several sections:
• Brief information about the region
• Industry specialization of the region
• Event industry
• Travel opportunities
• Culture
• Gastronomic map of the region

In fact, this is a guide for any event organizer with all the necessary data and contacts.

The passport is issued in two languages (Russian and English).

The first passport – of Kamchatka Territory (http://russiacb.com/upload/iblock/639/63963f5ab869d21f8fed8ac1d7db1820.pdf) - was presented at the Eastern Economic Forum in September 2019.

And now we are pleased to introduce two new passports:
• Event passport of the Sverdlovsk region - http://russiacb.com/upload/iblock/d73/d7306fb1dd986228428129cb38206a47.pdf
• Event passport of the Krasnodar region - http://russiacb.com/upload/iblock/a8a/a8aace234b0ed007de7f2f773aa0a8e8.pdf

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