05 September 2019

New Open to the World Issue Released

In the era of the development of digital technologies and global digitalization, ubiquitous "mobilization" of life takes place. And such simple things as personal communication become real luxury. But simple things do not have to be complicated. That is why the Russian ConventionBureau dedicated the new edition of the Open to the World to the benefits of offline events and the values of F2F meetings.

The release of the new Open to the World issue is timed to coincide with the start of the Eastern Economic Forum, which takes place in September in Vladivostok. At the forum venue will meet more than 4 thousand people from 30 countries. At business events, people meet and solve global political issues and private business problems. According to experts in the field of event industry, live communication does not disappear, as predicted by adherents of online conferences and sales on the Internet. On the contrary, participants and guests of the events began to appreciate personal meetings. Now the meeting is an investment. This is due not only to the development of digital communications, but also to the increased value of time.

Also on the pages of the magazine:

  • the results of a survey of foreign event organizers regarding interest in the Far East;
  • trends of the festival market;
  • privacy policy;
  • announcement of the press tour, which the Russian Convention Bureau will hold in the fall for representatives of foreign industry media.

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