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Press tour - 2019

  • The organizers

    Russian Convention Bureau
  • Dates

    29 September 2019 - 03 October 2019
  • Location

    Visiting 3 cities in the top 20 event potential rating of Russia

Press tour - an event for representatives of key international publications specializing in the review of the event industry. The purpose of this event is to highlight the infrastructural capabilities of Russian cities, as well as promoting the country on the international market.
 During the event, participants will see the main attractions, congress and exhibition venues and hotels with the opportunity to host international events of any level. Meetings are also held with representatives of government agencies, key and core higher education institutions, application committees and scientific associations.

According to the results of the press tour, publications are issued aimed at highlighting the business and eventual potential of the Russian Federation, as well as Russia's current infrastructure and other capabilities for holding major business events.